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Ho ho ho, i’m trying to jump into the wagon as well, so to calm down a bit and see if i can finally concentrate with the job here a doodle of Predaking from the transformers prime show… doodle of and hour for a head… this was hardcore to draw or, need to draw more, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DEFEAT ME >8V.

Funny thing ♪, i just noticed the guy by the toy at walmart and toyrus a month ago, because they fella can turn intro a dragon, that’s already awesome for me, and after seeing a couple of headshots and videos… ME GUSTA (even though he doesn’t have a lot of time in screen, character that i like is the most dull aparently)

So when i can, i will begin my little transformers marathon, now… i should keep working (delayed deadline cough COUGH).

Also, no idea what i was doing with his neck so.., tralalallalala ♪

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